Who we work with

We tend to work with people who want to change the world we live in. But whatever your sector, our focus is the same: create a lasting and positive impact. 

We’re proud of the work our clients do, and that’s not just limited to the projects we deliver. We thrive on seeing the organisations we work with make a genuine difference and knowing we’ve played our small part in making it happen.

A collection of our clients are showcased below. Find out more about our approach and why clients choose to work with us.

Merseyside Youth Association

MYA is a charity dedicated to providing innovative support and opportunities for young people across Merseyside.

Why MYA matters to us

Since 1890 MYA has been creating real, wide-reaching change that ensures children and young people are better equipped to shape their own futures.

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What we’ve done for MYA

  • Brand narrative
  • Brand identity
  • Website


PSS is a social enterprise that supports people to live happy, healthy and hopeful lives, whether they are adults who have learning or physical disabilities, challenges with their mental health or difficulties as they’re getting older; people in and around the criminal justice system; or families who’ve been through unsteady times.

Why PSS matters to us?

PSS is a values-based organisation that is delivering incredible work with all types of people to support them to be as independent as possible. PSS does everything it can to help people see their own potential, get out there and live their life your way, no-matter what it throws at them.

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What we’ve done with PSS

  • Brand identity and guidelines
  • Corporate website
  • Corporate publications
  • Signage

Liverpool University Hospitals

LUH runs Aintree University Hospital, Broadgreen Hospital, Liverpool University Dental Hospital and the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. It serves a core population of around 630,000 people across Merseyside as well as providing a range of highly specialist services to a catchment area of more than two million people in the North West region and beyond.

Why LUH matters to us?

LUH works together to support the communities of Liverpool to live happier, healthier, fairer lives. It strives to deliver great quality care, and to be recognised for our commitment to innovation. It is proud to serve families, friends and our city, and our region.

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What we’ve done with LUH

  • Brand narrative and messaging
  • Brand identity and guidelines
  • Employee engagement campaigns
  • Corporate publications

Champs Public Health Collaborative

Champs is a long-standing collaborative of nine Directors of Public Health and their teams serving 2.5 million people in C&M, who also have a strategic influencing role within the Liverpool City Region combined authority and the Cheshire & Warrington sub-region.

Why Champs matters to us?

Champs places collaboration at the heart of its comprehensive and systematic approach to improving public health priorities by large scale action and working together as system leaders across Cheshire & Merseyside. Health issues don’t recognise boundaries and so working together is vital to the wellbeing of our communities.

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What we’ve done with Champs

  • Corporate website
  • Web apps for health priorities
  • Various campaigns on health priorities
  • Publications

Liverpool BID Company

Liverpool BID Company is a private, not-for-profit limited company, working on behalf of 1,000 BID Levy Payers in Liverpool.

Why Liverpool BID matters to us

BIDs are a powerful, independent voice representing the interests of a varied community of organisations, committed to working together to ensure that the area continues to progress whilst providing the best possible trading and working environment for its occupiers.

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What we’ve done for Liverpool BID

  • Website

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital (LHCH)is the largest single site specialist heart and chest hospital in the country, providing specialist services in cardiothoracic surgery, cardiology, respiratory medicine including adult cystic fibrosis and diagnostic imaging

Why LHCH matters to us

Heart and lung disease continue to be amongst the biggest killers in the UK. LHCH serves communities that are marked by increased prevalence of cardiovascular disease, higher levels of heart failure, hypertension, coronary artery disease and an ageing population.

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What we’ve done with LHCH

  • Multiple public-facing campaigns on priorities linked to heart health
  • Digital engagement tools

The Reader

The Reader is a national charity that wants to bring about a reading revolution, so that everyone can experience and enjoy great literature, which it believe is a tool for helping humans survive and live well.

Why the Reader matters to us?

The Reader believes that the unique power of literature has the potential to connect individuals, help us feel better and to rebuild lost social bonds.

It brings people together and books to life in order to make warmer, healthier, stronger communities. 

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What we’ve done with The Reader

  • Brand identity development
  • Brand guidelines
  • Impact reporting
  • Retail and environmental graphics

Windmills Foundation

Windmills Foundation develops innovative approaches and resources that enable young people to create their vision for the future.

Why Windmills Foundation matters to us?

Windmills Foundation has a vision to creatively collaborate with like-minded partners on exciting projects that inspire and empower young people to live their best lives and make their unique difference in the world. They take a whole life, whole person, whole organisation, whole community approach.

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What we’ve done with Windmills Foundation

  • Website design and development
  • Interactive decision-making tool
  • Character-led explainer animation

Liverpool World Centre

Liverpool World Centre (LWC) works with teachers, higher education institutions and organisations to offer engaging workshops, events and training on global issues and global learning methods.

Why LWC matters to us?

LWC is a catalyst for positive social change by sharing the benefits of global learning. It works with teachers, higher education institutions and organisations as it works towards its vision of a just and sustainable world.

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What we’ve done with LWC

  • Integrated campaigns to engage key stakeholders
  • Website development
  • Infographics


QVC is a global television network, and flagship shopping channel specialising in televised home shopping.

Why QVC matter to us?

QVC recognises the importance of its employees across the globe and places significant focus on its communication and engagement with them to maximise employee satisfaction and wellbeing.

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What we’ve worked on with QVC

  • Employee event branding
  • Corporate publications and reports
  • Presentation tools

Iceland Foods Charitable Foundation

Iceland Foods Charitable Foundation (IFCF) has donated an incredible £30 million to date since its launch in 1973.

Why IFCF matters to us?

IFCF has a mission: to make life better for people.That’s why it raises money and awareness for good causes – and because it believes it’s simply the right thing to do.

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What we’ve done with IFC ?

  • Design and development of a new website

Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Hospital

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital cares for over 330,000 children, young people and their families every year.

As one of Europe’s biggest and busiest children’s hospitals, it treats everything from common illnesses to highly complex and specialist conditions.

Why Alder Hey matters to us?

Alder Hey is an incredible organisation that does amazing things for children and their families across the UK. It is focused on the future through its innovation and pioneering research but is anchored by its unwavering commitment to giving children the very best care, and sets out to make them feel happy, safe and confident as they play, learn and grow.

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What we’ve done with Alder Hey

  • Brand identity
  • Animations
  • Strategic reports and publications
  • Environmental graphics and signage
  • Employee communications
  • Employee campaigns

Enrich Education

Enrich Education provides creative, innovative services and products for schools, supporting all young people to be physically active when learning.

Why Enrich Education matters to us?

Enrich has a mission to have a positive impact on young people’s health and well-being by providing creative, physically active learning experiences.

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What we’ve done with Enrich Education

  • Online subscription hub and website

Real Worth

RealWorth is a consultancy that works in the UK, North America and mainland Europe. It represents a unique blend of skills combining academic and commercial expertise to help it’s clients to create better and more sustainable outcomes for their organisations and wider society.

Why Real Worth matters to us?

The ultimate aim of RealWorth is to help to create a future where everyone’s quality of life is improved because social and environmental impacts are valued in every policy, investment and development decision. We believe this type of thinking can only lead our society to become a more positive and sustainable place.

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What we worked on with RealWorth

  • Brand identity development
  • Brand narrative and positioning
  • Corporate publications
  • Website realworth.org

Carmel College

Carmel College is a leading sixth form college based in Merseyside.

Why Carmel College matters to us

Carmel College is committed to developing a community where personal qualities are highly valued and where each student is enabled to reach their potential feeling supported, safe and happy during their time here.

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What we’ve worked on with Carmel College

  • Open evening campaigns
  • Creative proposition development (in progress)

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), founded in 1898, was the first institution in the world dedicated to research and teaching in the field of tropical medicine. 

Why LSTM matters to us?

LSTM develops new drugs, vaccines and pesticides and is at the forefront of infectious disease research.

As a teaching institution, it attracts more than 600 students from 68 countries, from PhD research and Masters programmes to a range of professional courses, and works in partnership with health ministries, universities and research institutions worldwide to train the next generation of doctors, scientists, researchers and health professionals.

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What we’ve done with LSTM

  • Corporate publications and reports
  • Integrated campaigns to engage multiple stakeholders on key issues
  • Symposium and event branding and collateral

Innovation Agency

The Innovation Agency is the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) for the North West Coast, one of England’s 15 AHSNs in the AHSN Network acting as the innovation arm of the NHS.

Why the Innovation Agency matters to us?

The Innovation Agency plays a crucial role in driving the adoption and spread of innovation across all aspects of the health sector in the North West, embracing collaboration across public, private and third sector organisations. We believe that is fundamental to a progressive and healthy society, and we are proud to be one of their communications partners.

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What we’ve worked on with the Innovation Agency

  • A digital resource for patients with respiratory conditions
  • Corporate publications such as annual reports
  • Employee awards branding and event activation

Invest Liverpool

Invest Liverpool is a team based within Growth Platform which aims to strengthen, simplify and coordinate the business landscape for the Liverpool City Region – in short to make it easier for businesses to start, grow and invest in the region.

Why Invest Liverpool matters to us?

We are passionate about creating a prosperous and sustainable future for our region. This closely aligns with Growth Platform’s mission to deliver growth across the City Region – through business support, attracting investment and developing talent to create a fairer, greener and more inclusive economy for all who live and work here.

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What we’ve worked on with Invest Liverpool

  • Website for Invest Liverpool investliverpool.com


Riverside is one of the leading registered providers of social housing in the UK, offering affordable housing and support to people of all ages and circumstances.

Why Riverside matters to us?

As a national organisation, with almost 56,000 homes under its management, Riverside plays a strong and positive role in many communities across England and Scotland. It is a values-driven organisation, with a strong sense of social responsibility and a firm line in accountability to our customers.

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What we have worked on with Riverside

  • Employee engagement campaigns
  • Service brands and campaigns
  • Corporate publications and reports
  • Explainer animations
  • Vehicle liveries

Iceland Foods Ltd

Iceland Foods is a British retailer with over 900 stores across the UK and 40 owned or franchises stores in Europe.

Why Iceland matters to us?

Iceland is committed to being a truly responsible business and has placed sustainability at the heart of its strategy. We are proud to support them in communicating their ambition and significant progress they are making as they champion sustainability across the retail sector.

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What we’ve done with Iceland

  • Sustainability website
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Campaigns on social issues

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority

The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCRCA) is the combined authority of the Liverpool City Region. 

Why LCRCA matters to us?

LCRCA works together to make investments in areas that have a real impact on our communities across issues such as transport, digital, energy and environment, skills and culture much more.

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What we’ve done with LCRCA

  • Transport campaigns
  • Tourist attraction campaigns
  • Education and skills websites and campaigns

University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is a public research university based in the city of Liverpool. Founded as a college in 1881, it gained its Royal Charter in 1903 with the ability to award degrees and is also known to be one of the six original ‘red brick’ civic universities.

Why University of Liverpool matter to us?

The University of Liverpool plays a pivotal role in Liverpool and the wider city region, whether it is through high-class education or research, as it strives to advance learning and ennoblement of life of people around the world.

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What we’ve worked on with University of Liverpool

  • Department brand identities
  • Service brand identities
  • Student engagement campaigns
  • Service campaigns
  • Corporate publications
  • Event branding and collateral
  • AR experience


MIP has become a global leader in the reusable healthcare textile industry, providing a broad range of products and services to the healthcare industry in North America, Europe and around the world.

Why MIP matters to us?

MIP puts care at the heart of its business, committing to making a difference through the integration of science and care. It puts people at the core of everything it does.

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What we’ve done with MIP

  • Employee engagement campaign
  • Product photography


Bethell Group is one of the UK’s leading privately-owned construction and utility services companies, established in 1865.

Why Bethell matters to us?

Bethell is a growing and ambitious organisation that upholds the traditions and reputation of one of the UK’s oldest and most respected civil engineering contractors. It is involved in a wide range of flagship infrastructure projects that are critical to the way we travel, communicate and move around our region – supporting connectivity and accessibility among our communities.

Find out what matters to them here

What we’ve done with Bethell

  • Brand identity
  • Corporate website
  • Corporate values
  • Vehicle livery
  • Signage – internal and external

Alternative Futures Group

Alternative Futures Group (AFG) is one of the largest not-for-profit Health and Social Care charities in the North West.

Why AFG matters to us

AFG has been changing lives, creating independence and achieving great outcomes for the brilliant people it supports for over 30 years – that is something that really matters.

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What we’ve done with AFG

  • Recruitment campaigns
  • Brand identity
  • Website

Dyslexia Scotland

Dyslexia Scotland is a national charity dedicated to enabling people with dyslexia in Scotland to realise their potential.

Why Dyslexia Scotland matters to us?

Dyslexia Scotland is committed to a vision of making Scotland a dyslexia-friendly country that values the skills and talents of dyslexic people. It is working to inspire and enable dyslexic people to reach their potential in life, learning and work

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What we’ve done with Dyslexia Scotland

  • Various digital platforms to engage multiple stakeholders