Who we are

We’re a B Corp Certified communications company that delivers work that matters – to our clients, to us, and to the world.

Many of the clients we work with keep the world turning, help people live better, and make a genuine difference. But whatever your sector, our focus is the same: creating a lasting impact.

We believe in the power of communications to make a difference. To help organisations find clarity, focus and purpose. To create positive change for our clients and the people around them.

We’re a tight knit team of skilled thinkers, creators and doers, united by a love of producing great work that matters drives change. We live by the shared principles of honesty, simplicity and progression. These essential ingredients help us challenge boundaries and create communications that have real impact.

If you’ve got a vision, a mission, or a story you need to share, we’re here to help you do it.

Our history

Established in 1988, our business has placed creativity at its core for over 30 years.

A proud and independent Liverpool-based business, we’ve delivered communications for some of the most significant organisations and brands in the North West. From regeneration and inward investment projects, to campaigns that build communities and celebrate culture.

As the world has changed our business has evolved, but we’re still guided by the same vision that has shaped three decades of success. A vision based on the co-founders simple ambition to use our skills to deliver great work for great people that leads to something better for us all.

Our culture

Our culture is all about focusing on the things that matter.

On delivering work of the highest quality, developing relationships built on trust, and making smart decisions that have a positive impact on clients and our team. We know what we’re great at, so we don’t over-promise and if we hit a challenge we’re always open about it and learn from it.

Above all, our business is based on people. That’s why we invest in our team to help them be the best they can be, in and out of work. This means giving every team member the opportunity to stay healthy, keep learning, make new connections and pursue their passions.

Meet the team

We’re a core team with decades of experience and just the right mix of sharp insight, strategic clarity and creative brilliance. Plus a trusted network we call on if a project needs specialist skills.

Together we’re building a sustainable business that delivers shared profit and rewards for our team, lasting change for our clients, and leaves the world a little better than we found it.

Milena Polak

Milena’s been passionate about art and design from a very young age, spending every day drawing and playing with colours, shapes and textures. After attending Art School in Poland she continued her education in the UK, graduating from a Graphic Design degree with a First. She’s now an intrinsic part of the family at Kaleidoscope and enjoys being in our beautiful office, working as part of a small, friendly team.

Her Polish background gives Milena a unique cultural perspective on design and communications alike. She takes her inspiration from a broad spectrum of art and design practitioners, from both Polish and British culture, which she uses to create rich and interesting visuals.

Work never really stops for Milena as she always have ideas cooking in the back of her mind, however she always finds time to pursue her personal passions and interests. Faces are a constant source of inspiration for drawing and paintings. She also loves watching a good film.

“From the first glance at a brief to the finishing touches at the end, I love the journey of each project, and being involved at every stage.”

Jay Devine

Jay is a Digital Developer with great attention to detail and a creative flair.

Jay has always been interested in building and being creative when he was younger, and becoming a developer brings the perfect balance of building something up from scratch to the final product whilst also being able to be creative throughout the process.

My favourite thing about being a developer is that there is always something new to learn within the industry which will continue to grow even more over time.

Dannii Brooks

Dannii is a graphic designer and illustrator with a real passion for creativity in many aspects of life – from music and the arts through to film and fashion.

Starting out as a portrait illustrator, Dannii pursued her creative interests and studied Graphic Design with Illustration at Liverpool John Moores University before embarking on a career as a graphic designer. Away from the day to day, Dannii can be found travelling the world for gigs and festivals, in addition to working on personal projects that fuse her love of design with music.

My favourite thing about being a designer is the opportunity to work with an idea, and then translate it into a creative solution that has a tangible impact. 

Andy Malone

Andy is a digital first creative and strategic thinker, and loves to get under the skin of a challenge and understand the detail, and then deliver projects that create genuine impact.

A natural problem solver, he has delivered projects that have increased sales, driven awareness, changed behaviours and engaged people on both a local and national scale across many sectors from retail, finance, and pharmaceuticals, to government bodies and charities.

Although focusing personally on the digital aspects of projects, Andy believes that thinking about communications challenges in an integrated, collaborative and multi-channel is the best way to be most effective.

“Customer or stakeholder experience doesn’t begin or end with just a website or marketing campaign. It is an organic feeling that is intrinsically tied to brand, communication, products or services and many other elements of an organisation. Shaping those experiences can be the difference between the success or failure of a communication challenge.”

James Kirk

Often the first face you’ll see when you start working with us, James helps to shape the direction of each project from the word go, providing a bridge between business strategy and creative.

He has led programmes that have shaped the experiences of customers, communities and employees for clients across many sectors including utilities, pharmaceuticals, construction, government and the NHS.

Although his work has spanned many issues, James believes it is crucial for any creative communications programme to work around a consistent set of principles — keep things simple, be bold and embrace collaboration.

Strategy doesn’t have to be a big, long document. It’s a mindset that encourages us to challenge what we’re doing to hit the right notes, every time

Mike Danher

Mike is a creative thinker with a passion for crafting beautiful ideas that work across all channels and make a real impact.

He believes that less is more when it comes to the delivery of compelling creative work — whether it is in visual or written form. He takes this principle into every brief and feels that great ideas always start simply with a pen and paper in hand.

Over a period of 20 years, Mike has delivered work that has repositioned international businesses, engaged employees of large organisations, enhanced the profile of leisure destinations, increased sales for retailers, connected communities and driven investment to a region.

“Our work has helped to shape the transformation of Liverpool through some of the highest profile campaigns ever seen in the region. That’s an experience that continues to inspire me to believe in the power of great creative communications”

Andrea Barton

Andrea is an enthusiastic and creatively-driven thinker with a passion for copywriting and an eagerness for learning new skills.

She came to Kaleidoscope after graduating from the University of Liverpool with a BA Honours in English Language. It was during her time at university that she joined us for work experience where she demonstrated her passion for creativity and determination to be a part of the creative industry. Andrea’s role as Communications Partner means she gets the opportunity to work in all aspects of agency life, every day is different and brings a new challenge to the table, which is what she loves most about her job.

“I’ve always been a very creative person, from a young age I knew I wanted a career that would fuel and reflect my passions. Being a part of the creative process and seeing how your thoughts can become reality, is the best part of working in an agency.”

Elaine McGarry

Elaine is a calm and focused operations lead with a fantastic ability to co-ordinate and deliver complex, integrated programmes in partnership with our clients.

With over 20 years of working in an agency-environment, Elaine loves nothing more than a combination of ambitious briefs, challenging deadlines and the hustle and bustle of production across print, digital and multimedia channels.

Elaine has worked with many great organisations across sectors ranging from utilities, health and education through to professional services, retail and regeneration. This combination has given her a breadth and depth of experience to draw on for any brief.

“Seeing how creative communications can shape the experience of young people with mental health issues through collaboration and involvement has been a highlight of my career so far.”