This year marks 35 years of Kaleidoscope! 

That’s 35 years of delivering communications that matter for people, organisations and causes across the Liverpool city region and beyond. 

And so over the next few months we will be celebrating this milestone for our business through a whole host of ways – telling the stories of the people behind the business in that time, showcasing the work we’ve delivered and the impact we’ve had; in addition to a fun event or two to celebrate with our friends and colleagues who have been part of the journey with us.

But to kick things off we are really proud to launch our ‘Good Turns’ programme which is our commitment to deliver £35,000 of value to our local communities over the next 12 months. We will be delivering this through a whole host of activities that our team can choose and get involved with ranging from volunteering, delivering pro-bono projects, mentoring and financial donations. It is our hope that ‘Good Turns’ will help us deliver even more positive impact for the people of the Liverpool city area, and that it demonstrates our commitment to simply doing the right thing as a member of the local business community.

Keep an eye out for future announcements on what else we’ve got lined up to celebrate our birthday!

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