Milena’s been passionate about art and design from a very young age, spending every day drawing and playing with colours, shapes and textures. After attending Art School in Poland she continued her education in the UK, graduating from a Graphic Design degree with a First. She’s now an intrinsic part of the family at Kaleidoscope and enjoys being in our beautiful office, working as part of a small, friendly team.

Her Polish background gives Milena a unique cultural perspective on design and communications alike. She takes her inspiration from a broad spectrum of art and design practitioners, from both Polish and British culture, which she uses to create rich and interesting visuals.

Work never really stops for Milena as she always have ideas cooking in the back of her mind, however she always finds time to pursue her personal passions and interests. Faces are a constant source of inspiration for drawing and paintings. She also loves watching a good film.

“From the first glance at a brief to the finishing touches at the end, I love the journey of each project, and being involved at every stage.”