Merseyside Youth Association has a long and extraordinary history, dating all the way back to 1890. Grounded in the incredible social history of Liverpool, our affiliated clubs and their predecessors have been helping young people cope with all kinds of challenges.

We worked with MYA to define and articulate a new brand identity, written and visual, to enable them to express their incredible narrative and the impact they deliver for people across Merseyside.

Defining the brand pillars

Using a robust, collaborative approach with the MYA team, we initially explored what MYA means to its passionate workforce, the difference it makes to its many stakeholders and what the future holds for the organisation. This gave us a base from which we were able to develop some early creative territories and brand ‘pillars’ for the brand to explore, which were then shared back with the MYA team to test, challenge and refine through collaborative working sessions.

With the building blocks in place we then moved into the development of a full brand narrative which will act as the spine for future written brand communications – providing a consistent and coherent framework for delivering the many powerful stories that MYA has from its wonderful work with young people and children across the region.

Bringing a brand to life

The written narrative was then brought to life through a fresh, new visual design style that will be used to lead brand communications in the future. Building on the notion of how MYA creates incredible impact that ripples outwards from an individual through to families, communities and beyond a design system was created to reflect this sense of growth.

Shaped around the individual, the graphic ‘ripple’ is always tailored to the young person that MYA is supporting and is used in an organic way across different channels.

A broad, warm colour palette was selected to give the brand flexibility and scalability; alongside a friendly primary font to reflect the personal, accessible nature of the MYA brand.


Liverpool BID Company is a private not-for-profit company that has a fantastic reputation across the city as a champion of local business, and a track record that has seen improvements across the city’s varied business districts. They work on behalf of their many levy payers to improve the city and its businesses making Liverpool an amazing place to live, work and visit. 

Established in 2005, their years of dedication to the city and it’s levy payers have seen the Liverpool BID Company experience sustained growth and increased exposure leading them to be in a position to re-invest into getting a new website that focuses on the user experience, making the website user friendly and easy to navigate for its BID levy payers and other stakeholders.

What was the opportunity?

Liverpool BID Company identified that their current website could benefit from a refresh that puts user experience at the forefront. The core objective of the project was to create a new user-friendly website that provides their varied audience groups with a fast, reliable, and easy-to-use hub for information about, and from, Liverpool BID Company.

We worked with the BID team to develop the new platform, which included a new user-friendly navigation, a revised structure, updated layout, new look and feel, and improved interface to help create a strong new user experience.

The new site required an easy to manage backend content management system (CMS) that will help the team at Liverpool BID Company add information/data to the site quickly and easily; and a clear simple navigation of information for stakeholders in the front end structure and layout. This along with other success factors such as accessibility, high quality user experience, SEO and page speed were to be considered as the key criteria of this project.

Why it matters

Liverpool BID Company brings additionality to the people of Liverpool through street transformation, connectivity and collaboration which ultimately enhances our community. They are passionate about what they do, and as a local business in Liverpool our community is always at the forefront of what we do.

We here at Kaleidoscope value communications that matter and we believe that the work that Liverpool BID Company does for our community is highly important to the people and businesses of Liverpool. Therefore we have been thrilled to be a part of implementing a high quality user focused online platform to enable them to continue to provide the highest quality of service to the people of Liverpool.

What did we do?

At the outset of the project we initiated an in-depth strategy and planning phase. Collaborating closely with the Liverpool BID Company team, we facilitated workshops to explore the organisation’s needs, the target audience and competitors. By aligning business goals with user needs, we were able to devise an approach and roadmap that included a detailed timeline, budget and resource allocation, in addition to a detailed scope of the project to ensure transparent and efficient workflow.

The key features of the site showcase a new and interactive events calendar with the ability to categorise events using a filter, a comprehensive data hub consisting of live footfall and consumer spending data, and a unique levy payer hub which allows users to find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily when browsing the site.  

The events calendar provides the functionality of adding upcoming events that the Liverpool BID Company are involved with and also to categorise each event into a specific type of event, location or occasion. For example whilst  the Eurovision song contest was running throughout Liverpool each event could easily be found by going to the “What’s On” page and then navigating through the filters to the Eurovision category where all events relating to the contest could be found. The Calendar also features different layouts including List view and Calendar Month view.

The Data Hub section features a custom built API integration, as part of a bespoke WordPress plugin, which takes in datasets from footfall and consumer spending data services, runs a range of localised calculations to produce relevant Liverpool focused statistics, trends and charts, and then displays them to site users. This includes hourly updated live (hourly) data, monthly summaries and quarter-by-quarter trend analysis.

The unique levy payer sections allows members to quickly access Events, Offers and News specified to members only. This gives an easy route through the site for levy payers as once they have arrived at this page everything they will specifically need can be found throughout the page.

User experience (UX) design played a crucial role in the website’s development, and considerable attention was dedicated to this aspect in the planning phase and throughout.  Employing a user-centric approach to the sitemap, architecture and design, the resulting website was thoughtfully crafted to provide a clear, simple  and visually appealing experience for visitors. Our design team meticulously considered information such as architecture, navigation, and visual hierarchy to optimise user flow and engagement. As well as incorporating responsive design principles, ensuring seamless access and usability across various devices and screen sizes.

Before the launch of the site, we implemented a comprehensive quality assurance strategy encompassing browser testing, responsive testing, performance testing, and accessibility testing. By adhering to robust testing practices such as this, we ensure a high standard of quality and reliability for all of the websites we build.

What was the challenge?

Champs wanted to help support healthcare and community professionals in starting conversations about screening for breast, bowel and cervical cancers with people living in Cheshire and Merseyside.

They commissioned Kaleidoscope to help build an informative website platform and communications toolkit, with an overarching aim to educate and empower everyone from GPs to community nurses, community professionals and volunteers so they can start more early conversations about screening with the people they see every day.

View the site here

What did we do?

Working closely with Champs, we reviewed their plan for the promotion of cancer screening and how a website and communication toolkit could support this ambition. As a result, we developed a new digital platform that provides professionals with all the information they may need to promote and talk about cancer screening within community settings. 

The development of the platform initially focused on the creation of a new name ‘Early Detect, Early Protect’ and an accompanying look/feel which was tested amongst a representative sample of the target audience to ensure relevance and credibility.

Using an extensive research base, we then established a user journey for the platform that would define the content structure and flow, and provided the framework for us to move ahead into full design and development.

The platform consists of a number of areas of key content including information on different cancer types and different screening pathways to demystify what screening is and the steps involved.

This is supported by a resource toolkit, including a suite of posters and social media posts, that professionals can download and use to promote cancer screening within their communities. In addition a resource section displays a collection of relevant resources in an archive which users can filter using a number of categories.

Why it matters

400 users in first four weeks of launch

Catching cancer early saves lives. If we can detect it and start treatment early, it’s more likely to work – and more people will survive.

Liverpool BID Company is a private, not-for-profit limited company, working on behalf of 1,000 BID Levy Payers in Liverpool.

Why Liverpool BID matters to us

BIDs are a powerful, independent voice representing the interests of a varied community of organisations, committed to working together to ensure that the area continues to progress whilst providing the best possible trading and working environment for its occupiers.

Find out what matters to them here

What we’ve done for Liverpool BID

  • Website

MYA is a charity dedicated to providing innovative support and opportunities for young people across Merseyside.

Why MYA matters to us

Since 1890 MYA has been creating real, wide-reaching change that ensures children and young people are better equipped to shape their own futures.

Find out what matters to them here

What we’ve done for MYA

  • Brand narrative
  • Brand identity
  • Website

What was the opportunity?

We have worked with Dyslexia Scotland for many years, developing and supporting their digital assets, corporate site, youth-focused hub, and online educational toolkit. 

We were recently recommissioned to undertake a ground-up redesign and build of Dyslexia Scotland’s main charity website using best practice accessibility, as well as specific consideration to dyslexic users.

What did we do?

Working closely with Dyslexia Scotland, we identified their plan for business growth and how their website could facilitate it. As a result, we developed a new online platform providing both a flexible WordPress based CMS to provide them the freedom to manage their content, but also an integrated ecommerce store and customised subscription system to allow them to expand their digital product offering, increase their market reach and pursue the objectives from their strategic plan. 

The platform consists of a new front end with a refreshed look and feel that has been built from the ground up with dyslexia-friendly accessibility in mind. It enables users to access a wealth of content and resources, purchase a membership subscription that unlocks premium content and resources, as well as make stand-alone purchases from the shop. We have also integrated EventBrite and JustGiving into the platform allowing for a seamless process when collecting donations or running charitable events. 

The new platform now places greater emphasis on donations and memberships, as well as allowing them to raise additional funds through the sale of products and educational content using online payments. Ultimately helping them to achieve their goals of creating a dyslexia-friendly Scotland.

Why it matters

Dyslexia Scotland provides support to people with dyslexia, allowing them to feel confident in their abilities and improving their quality of life. We value communications that matter, and Dyslexia Scotland’s mission matters to us and to the lives of many people impacted by dyslexia.

We are proud to have supported Dyslexia Scotland by scaling their ability to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

A platform for growth

Working closely with the Enrich team we developed a new WordPress based site and secure content platform to allow them to sell and distribute their cross-curriculum active learning content digitally to schools.

The new website consists of a new front end with a refreshed look and feel and seamlessly integrates with a new subscription-based content hub. The hub enables customers to access a range of different content and resources, both standard and bespoke to the individual client and their subscription level.

We also integrated the new platform with Enrich’s PipeDrive CRM system, linking customers and sales data to allow them to market and communicate effectively with their customers and stakeholders.

We continue to work with Enrich Education on the ongoing evolution of the platform. Check it out now!

Why it matters

Enrich supports young people to be physically active when learning. Through delivering this project we are proud to have supported Enrich in scaling their ability to have a positive impact on young people’s health and well-being by providing creative, physically active learning experiences.

Enrich’s future growth plans were centred around the digital transformation of their products, a customer centric online platform to purchase and access them, and the integration of those with their wider set of business tools and systems. Bringing these elements together effectively into a single solution was vital to helping Enrich scale and progress their business priorities.

At Kaleidoscope, we’re all about open, honest and clear communication. So what better way to show you how we operate than through interviews with team members? You want to know who’s working on your campaigns, and we figured this would be a pretty easy way to show you.

Graciously, Andy Malone, our Digital Director, has put himself forward for the first interview! Learn more about Andy and what matters to him below. 

So, how long have you been at Kaleidoscope? 

I joined the team as Digital Director five years ago. I was brought in to build the digital offering up — starting from scratch; we’ve built up to a team of four now.

I’ll rewind a bit to give you an idea of how I ended up here. During my Computer Science degree, I worked as a freelance web developer. After graduating, I had a pretty strong portfolio, so I decided to lean into it while I considered what my career was going to be, but I never looked back. I started solo as a freelancer, then took on some longer-term contracts, and spent some time as part of in-house teams until settling into full-time agency life, moving from mid-weight developer up to a Head of Digital role in my last agency. It was here I met our current MD, James, and we shared a common love of working on innovative projects that deliver good. 

So a few years later, when the opportunity arose to help James and the Kaleidoscope team kick off their digital offering, I couldn’t wait to get started. 

Tell us a bit about your job in a nutshell…

As Digital Director, my primary role is to run Kaleidoscope’s digital services and the team that delivers them. I also act as the senior project director for websites, apps, email and social campaigns — basically, anything online or on devices is my territory.

Bethany, our digital project manager, oversees projects day-to-day (and is much better at it than me), but when it comes to strategy, planning and scoping out tech solutions, that’s where I thrive. I also love that for some projects I can still get stuck in and dust off my coding skills!

When it comes to the digital side of the business, what matters most to you?

As a business, our proposition is “communications that matter”, which means working on projects that matter to the wider community and us. So it’s vital that our digital offering reflects that proposition, too. 

With that in mind, for me, inclusion and accessibility are two things that matter massively to me. That means building websites, apps and tools that are easy for everyone to use, regardless of their level of understanding or background — from considered UI/UX to mobile performance, keyboard navigation to adhering to accessibility best practices. It all matters when building effective digital communications.

My favourite thing about this job is that you can go beyond just communicating well with digital transformation. Although it’s essential to build traditional campaigns with bus adverts and posters, digital adds another layer of opportunity to campaigns. It gives people something to interact with and can help change people’s lives more directly. 

The Happy Hearts interactive tool

What’s your favourite project you’ve worked on at Kaleidoscope?

A few projects spring to mind here, all for very different reasons. My first is Dyslexia Scotland, partly because I’m working on it at the moment. Their website is their hub for content, resources and membership and needed to be refreshed. As part of that, we are really focusing on optimising the design for the primary audience, which means pushing our design capabilities in terms of accessibility and testing it rigorously with the end-user group we are collaborating with.

Another project which I’m very proud to have worked on is the Happy Hearts Blood Pressure Tool. This tool was part of a wider blood pressure campaign for the region and allows people to have meaningful conversations with a healthcare provider, using an engaging and simple interface to give them a personalised experience. The tool helps drive meaningful conversations that could change their lives. 

Another smaller project that I really enjoyed working on was with the University of Liverpool Career Studio, which was exciting because it meant getting into some pretty new tech and was a fusion of both print and online. We produced marketing materials and brochures for the studio, but alongside this, we also did all the environmental branding and, as part of that, created wall vinyls that included digital marker codes, which enabled users to view an augmented reality experience on their phones while in the space. The experience was fully content managed, so the team could maintain it, and also showed the user personalised career advice based on some simple options such as their preferred industry.

Connect with Andy via email or LinkedIn

Communication is no doubt at the heart of what we do here at Kaleidoscope, but driving real change through a mixture of traditional and digital communication is what fuels us to deliver exceptional campaigns. Learn more about our services.

Inspiring a generation

Working with the existing Windmills Foundation identity, we initially created a visual concept for the site which was fresh and clean, whilst also aligning with wider communications and collateral that Windmills had produced.

This was then taken into development using WordPress in which we developed a three tier menu to enable easy navigation of the wide range of resources in a sustainable manner. Take a look at the site.

Alongside the website we also developed an interactive tool, using React, to enable users to discover the skills they love using and are really good at – try out the tool here.

Finally, we also developed a character-led animation to provide an introduction to the Windmills Foundation, its ethos and vision. This is carried on the website to provide a prominent explanation of the organisation – take a look at the animation on this page below.

Why it matters

Windmills Foundation has a vision to creatively collaborate with like-minded partners on exciting projects that inspire and empower young people to live their best lives and make their unique difference in the world. They take a whole life, whole person, whole organisation, whole community approach.

Empowering young people to be in control of their choices and their future is so important, and the role that Windmills Foundation plays in enabling this is fantastic.

Windmills Foundation develops innovative approaches and resources that enable young people to create their vision for the future.

Why Windmills Foundation matters to us?

Windmills Foundation has a vision to creatively collaborate with like-minded partners on exciting projects that inspire and empower young people to live their best lives and make their unique difference in the world. They take a whole life, whole person, whole organisation, whole community approach.

Find out what matters to them here

What we’ve done with Windmills Foundation

  • Website design and development
  • Interactive decision-making tool
  • Character-led explainer animation