As a business with creativity and curiosity at it’s core, we encourage our team to try new things, experiment and play about with ideas and technology.

Usually these experiments evolve to become something we use in a project, but all too often they get buried at the bottom of the shared drive and forgotten about.

As part of our 35 year anniversary we have decided to celebrate these moments of freedom, and this playground is where you will find them. Come back now and again to see what else has turned up!

Play is the Highest Form of Research

Albert Einstein


Many of us here at Kaleidoscope love games, from a simple paper-based sudoku to the latest AAA console release. That is why our curious digital team sometimes can’t help but fiddle around with making their own now and again. See the links below to try them out for yourself.

Colour Flood

Try and flood the board with one colour within the allowed number of turns in this surprisingly addictive browser-based puzzle game.