I’ve been with Kaleidoscope for nearly seven years and MD for four of those, which might seem like a decent amount of time, but it’s just a drop in the ocean considering the company was founded in the 80s.

Since being founded, Kaleidoscope has always delivered communications and creative projects that focus on societal issues. We love working with clients across other industries, such as retail and finance, but we also enjoy learning how the world works around us, and working with clients who do good helps us do just that.

So far, we’ve been led by the energy within the business — we want our employees to be passionate about the work we deliver and the results we achieve for our clients.

But up until now, we’ve haven’t articulated this in a clear plan. 

We knew we liked delivering projects that have a good output and contribute to something good around us. And that’s why we’re launching our new proposition; officially, we’ve called it “communications that matter.”

We’re communicators delivering something that matters

Our client base reflects the fabric of the community. And we’re proud to work with the NHS and within the healthcare sector in general. As we’re all aware — now more than ever — health is vital to a thriving community.

We also work within the employment, education, housing and infrastructure sectors, helping clients deliver things that have a fundamental impact on our daily lives.

We’ve been growing into this space more and more, achieving definition as a creative agency.

We’re well aware the agency isn’t the hero; all we do is enable the true heroes to do their job that little bit better. At Kaleidoscope, we understand what matters to our clients; we’re here to help them in their individual roles — but we also consider the bigger picture — how can we help their brand in a commercial sense.

We’ve refocused our processes, we:

Our values and beliefs haven’t changed in three decades

Our values are something we have upheld for over 30 years as a company. And although we’ve shifted our creative focus and moved with the times, our bones have remained the same. We’ve got integrity, and we’re honest and transparent. But we’re also innovative, increasingly insightful and sharp.

We’ve come to realise that if staff members aren’t fully behind your company values, they’re not as excited to get involved, they don’t take their work personally, and the work delivery isn’t of superior quality. And it’s because of these reasons why we’ve reframed our proposition to outwardly project what matters to us as individuals.

Supporting our local community is important to all of us at Kaleidoscope and always has been. Over the years, we’ve made it our mission to support charities. We’re aware that throwing money at the situation isn’t always the best solution, so alongside financial donations, we’ve delivered (and continue to deliver) pro bono work for charities, sponsorship and volunteering for causes and community projects we truly believe in.

Later this year, we’re launching a formalised giving programme, so every one of our employees gets the chance to support a charity close to their hearts. 

We’re not a cool bunch of people; we’re just normal people with a realistic vision, working with a number of great of clients — trying to do good where we can.

James Kirk, Managing Director

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