Creative for a global audience

Our work has included the development of a range of reports, presentations and digital content on issues such as culture, gender pay gaps and celebratory events.

Working within the QVC brand guidelines we have worked collaboratively with the QVC team to understand their ambitions and have provided fresh, creative thinking to deliver brand communications of the highest standard that could operate across different teams, countries and continents.

Why it matters

Engaged employees lead to improved productivity and efficiency, retention of customers and reduce the turnover in staff. Most importantly, engaged employees are happier, both at work and in their lives. We believe that it is therefore vital to deliver effective and impactful internal communications across any organisation to raise engagement levels, none-more so than at QVC where over 20,000 staff work in multiple locations across the globe.

Taking time to understand the QVC brand identity has been crucial in allowing us to activate it effectively across the multiple projects and channels that we’ve delivered.

QVC is a global television network, and flagship shopping channel specialising in televised home shopping.

Why QVC matter to us?

QVC recognises the importance of its employees across the globe and places significant focus on its communication and engagement with them to maximise employee satisfaction and wellbeing.

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What we’ve worked on with QVC

  • Employee event branding
  • Corporate publications and reports
  • Presentation tools