Iceland Foods is a British retailer with over 900 stores across the UK and 40 owned or franchises stores in Europe.

Why Iceland matters to us?

Iceland is committed to being a truly responsible business and has placed sustainability at the heart of its strategy. We are proud to support them in communicating their ambition and significant progress they are making as they champion sustainability across the retail sector.

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What we’ve done with Iceland

  • Sustainability website
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Campaigns on social issues

Showcasing a leader in sustainability

Iceland has always been a responsible retailer, committed to ‘doing the right thing’ and disrupting the market to bring about change. We work with Iceland across a range of communications platforms to showcase the significant steps the retailer is taking through its sustainability strategy.

Initially this focused on the planning, design and development of a new website. This showcases the incredible stories that communicate how Iceland is not just talking about sustainability but actually delivering change.

It looks to build awareness of Iceland’s commitment to a sustainable future, build an understanding of its priorities and create a community of advocates for its approach to sustainability.

Following the launch of the site we have continued to work with Iceland through designing a wide range of their sustainability reports which focus on their specific actions and impact on priorities such as plastics, palm oil, food waste and carbon.

The digital publications aim to engage industry stakeholders, regulators, employees and customers alike – to build a movement behind doing the right thing across the industry and our communities.

Why it matters

Sustainability is paramount to our environmental, economic and social security and prosperity for the future. Enabling organisations such as Iceland to use their platform to drive conversations and show the impact that can be achieved is critical to influence change at a wider level.

Embracing the strategic direction of Iceland’s sustainability journey has been vital to us delivering some fantastic communications platforms. The website has been developed to showcase the depth and breadth of real actions that Iceland are delivering whilst also providing a flexible framework to reflect the evolving sustainability context.


87,633 users of the site since launch

The team at Iceland are so passionate and authentic in their belief that this is the right thing to do, and we have been delighted to support them in communicating their ambition.