Alder Hey Childrens NHS Foundation Trust




Our Plan

We developed a new visual identity for Alder Hey to use to spearhead the launch of their strategic plan and future vision across the organisation. The identity had to be engaging, positive and friendly to many stakeholders, from professional partners and supporters through to staff, children and their families at local, regional and national levels - demonstrating flexible, creative thinking within a framework.

An identity for a bright future

The core brief was to develop a visual identity (plus name and strapline) that could be used to communicate the future vision and the associated plan for the Trust to its many staff, stakeholders, and patients and their families. 

An illustrative concept was created that embraced the warmth and passion of the Trust; with a clear focus on the inspiration for the whole organisation, the children. The concept is based around an illustrated ‘world’ with many individual elements that can be used flexibly across multiple channels. 

The logo is a sunshine that provides a simple yet effective symbol of the bright future that the Trust is working towards. 

The identity has now been embraced as the primary campaign brand across the entire organisation and we have been involved in its application across every internal and external communications channel available in addition to integrated campaigns, including: 

Strategy documents / animations / physical environments throughout the hospital / presentations / emails / infographics / lanyards / events / digital screens 

We have also worked with Alder Hey on multiple other campaigns and projects, ranging from commercial partnerships and conferences through to service brands and Covid-19 communications.

Why it matters

Alder Hey is one of the leading children’s hospitals in the UK – not only in terms of patient care but the innovation and leadership in the health economy it shows on a regional, national and international scale. The organisation is positively affecting lives every day.

The identity is used to lead the future vision of a leading city region institution – Alder Hey. It is high profile and a fundamental component of the organisation’s future plans which have a wider impact on our city region. 

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