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We worked with University of Liverpool to develop, implement and launch a brand for a revolutionary new careers service within the University of Liverpool.  The brief required innovative and fresh thinking to deliver a break through identity that aligned with corporate guidelines yet pushed the boundaries in to engage students on their future careers.

A brand for a new era of careers

The core brief was to develop, implement and launch a brand for a revolutionary new careers service within the University of Liverpool within just 10 weeks.

A graphic concept, based on a hexagon, was developed to represent the multi-faceted nature of careers opportunities available to students, along with a nod to the hard-working and industrious nature of bees and honeycomb structures. 

The hexagon was used to carry the core logo, which was required to work alongside the corporate University of Liverpool logo;

and it was also used to develop a broader visual language to communicate the various themes of the service and its proposition to students.

The visual identity was applied extensively across multiple channels, including: 

  • The physical environment of the new careers service
  • Multiple animations
  • Over 30 printed publications and guides
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Emails
  • Social media graphics / infographics. 

Why it matters

Engaging young people on their future careers is absolutely vital to encourage them to explore and identify what their future could be. The staid old model of careers advice was stagnating and didn’t represent the modern, dynamic nature of student life; so the brave and progressive ambition of UoL was critical to engage students in a different way.

We worked with a multi-disciplinary client team who were all focused on differing aspects of the service – from communications and IT to estate management and careers service leads. This required a robust approach to co-creation and engagement across a complex stakeholder set up.


Roll-out achieved within 10 weeks

The Career Studio has been identified as a trailblazing service in the sector across the country

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